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COLLECTION: Dead Poets Anonymous

ARTIST: Sonia Levesque



*F O O T N O T E S :

I penned 11 in 2019 for my first collection of published poems (17.):



‘Look, look, here I am - see me,

shower me with your attention.

You must pay attention’.

Yes, yes, yes. I see you,

and I can hear you.

You have made sure of that.

You mistakenly believe that

if you crank the volume up to 11

I will stop ignoring you

and start applauding you.

But the issue is not the decibels, it’s the content

You are devoid of anything remotely interesting.

You are small and shallow and vain,

As are all of your thoughts and opinions.

Turning up the volume of shit does not enhance,

it only amplifies.

Shit amplified... is still shit.

Just louder and more annoying.

I refuse to let my ears be abused

for one moment longer.

Headphones in, world out.

Bark all you want, I can’t hear you.

Crank it up even louder. I still can’t hear you.

Perhaps as opposed to expending so much energy on being noticed,

You should take some time to find something worth shouting about.

When you do, you’ll discover that you need only whisper.

In the meantime, your silence shall suffice.


Dead Poets Anonymous is the title of my poetry + prose writing project, reason being, a lot like Didion said 'I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be'. Them bad boys usually erupt out of me like convulsions... some are polite and give me moments to breathe in between lines and others grab me by the throat and refuse to let go until all my guts are on a heap on a page. ...& I'm always surprised 🙃😋🤣 ...I think poems write us, hence Dead Poets Anonymous (or ya know, DPA... if you like abbreviations as much as I do!).

The hoodie is from my early Clo / Fabricant remix experiments from back in 2021.



Please note this gift is compliments of Flowers For Moody People, not for resale.