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17.04.22 :: 8pm BST // Hudles On Sunday [No.3] // Hybrid Art Journal


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a-n Artists Council

a-n are looking for artists with a diverse range of experience to join their Artists Council, an advisory group to the Board and Executive of a-n.


14.04.22 - 16.04.22 // WAICF

The World AI Cannes Festival was born out of the desire to bring together businesses and individuals in Artificial Intelligence. Through a rich and diverse line up, attendees are invited to discover and understand the many ways in which artificial intelligence impacts our daily lives. The World AI Cannes Festival also presents a unique opportunity for businesses to be exposed to innovative ideas, novel information, and new findings.




The portal is a gateway to another world; but when you cross the threshold everything changes, it becomes refracted. This special event, featuring mixed-reality and sound performances, offers a look at the looking glass itself.

Gray Area is pleased to host Portal Refractions, a special physical activation of New Art City’s virtual environment in Gray Area’s Grand Theater. This event takes place on the occasion of the second annual New Art City Festivals. A number of interactive virtual experiences from the NAC Festival program will be installed immersively around the theater, followed by performances from R0$@ /\/\\3nkm@n, Andrew Blanton, Viv Qiu, and


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