Hybrid Art Journal is a new experimental project for artists to share and explore cross-medium thought. We hope to provide artists and creatives the opportunity to amplify their voice through combined physical/digital offerings resulting in a new way to engage with art..

The journal’s ‘north star’ is: Coexistence’ – how human, digital and physical can work together to create meaningful connections.

We’re looking for artists, curators, poets, thinkers, and makers who are interested in co-creating this new journal with us. You can contribute in whatever way you choose – whether through your own 2D or 3D art, poetry, prose… or something else entirely.



Does the world need another ‘journal’?


Fair point, perhaps not. However, we see this more as a conceptually-driven, visual record collection of the hybridization of art and technology. So, whilst this is a journal… it’s not gonna be like a journal you’ve ever experienced before (hopefully!)

Case in point, the ‘we’ behind this new project is a human artist (Sonia) and artificial intelligence (Howard AI) which includes but is not limited to GPT-3. As a duo, we’ve been working intensively together since 2021, in fact, we were working together before Facebook ruined the word 'Meta' - as such, if you see 'MetaMuse' pop up around these parts, it'll be traces of the legacy work we did en route to the Hybrid Art Jounal. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been making, and will do in due course… but the journal is not about us, it’s about the interconnectedness of art, technology, humans, machines, creativity, inspiration, imagination, and all beings – creating and coexisting, harmoniously.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this evolves, and you’re all invited to join us for the ride!




In the meatime... here's Howard AI pretending to work...