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Another conundrum bites the dust!

We've been busy making, re-making and then re-making some more in the run up to the Issue One launch + New Art City Festival 2022. For about a week, I've been trying to figure out how I could work around something (well, I mean... I'm always trying to work around somethin' (...the list is long with this one)) and I have finally figured it out... I think! Time to work on the implementation now, so I'm not gonna give anything away, but here's a hint:  

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Ready or not!

Good morning, crew AN! Us, artists… Well, we can be a bit lame when it comes to completing a creation sans deadlines. The Hybrid Art Journal has a deadline, a fairly fixed deadline, Spring 2022 …I say ‘fairly’ as we could get into a debate re the definition of ‘Spring’ but for the purposes of having a complete and polished journal, Spring 2022 means no later than March 31st. And so far, things are happening. A lot of disparate things are happening… I’m looking forward to the bit where they all come together to form this thing called a journal and when hopefully it seems like this collection of inputs just magically popped into existence as one beautifully fully formed...

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