VERBATIM-ish :: Portrait XO

Nia Athena · VERBATIM-ish :: Portrait XO / LEVESQUE
20.02.22 [raw single sided transcription]

{"jobName":"pxo","accountId":"337748807932","results":{"transcripts":[{"transcript":"Oh, we're recording Conan. If we do have the right color, she will have the right shade of beard. Maybe, maybe I should make the beer a little bit more profit. Yeah. Let's let's let's do it. Um And you can also change the Ok city so that's that makes things interesting. Mm There's too many options though. Sometimes I feel like there's too many. Okay. Mhm. Oh, nice. That's one guys. Mhm. Oh, thank you. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. The second video with like the, the crazy like the buildings and so crazy because like that's just the thing is it's so easy to fall into this never ending rapid hole with this um ai visual stuff because there's literally billions of combinations that you can draw. There's a text combinations and then there's donations And then there's like a combination. So there's like, you know, you can brand them number like 1,300,000 seed number. And so it's gonna generate angels. Mm hmm. A billion. Um But the second, so the first one, I think I gave it much. Much. Oh no, I'll be back. Okay. And we're back. Yeah. So the first one where I'm like melting in the black, purple and gold. I gave it very little text information. So it's way more about the style. And so I can't remember the exact text problem for the seat. I have it up on my no, I've been documenting each test run so I don't lose track of like what I did to make it do what? Um Yeah. And then and then here's version two. Yes. Yeah. I mean the second one was like because when I saw the first one, I just I got curious like what how much textual information can I give it for it to generate work. I didn't look the lyrics but I decided to go for um like visuals that kind of like go with the story line of the song because it's written from the perspective of the robots seem to the human that created it because the human creates robot to try to fulfill all of its like human desires that I can't get fulfilled through other humans. And so the story is the robot is like basically taunting human, I wish I could tell you but I can't. And so there's this dialogue about love and emotional needs and all this kind of stuff. And um the robots also basically pointing out that like based on the data that the robot has trying to understand love and what that means to humans, it's inconclusive because we're too erratic. So it's yeah it's so hard to get like oh no there's a delay. I think there is I am so loving the green and pink combination by the way. Oh that's an interesting way of asking because I didn't see it that way. But it's mainly uh yeah no it's cool, it's really cool to hear like how other people digest the lyrics and stuff and um and so yeah I'm really happy to hear other people's interpretations But I guess my intentions or what I was trying to translate was the robot basically doing like a nerve reflection back that like because the courses like isn't the greed uh huh Before the robots but I wish I could love you. Um and that specific line is mainly about like the robot being like well you do whatever you want to you don't have a choice to tell you yes or no, so you take it without consent and I don't know how to content like the robots. It's like I don't know how you expect me to compare to a human. I can't fulfill all of these desires because there's no rational information based on the data that I have to fulfill your desires and your needs because also your desires and needs are inconclusive and to keep changing and you're erratic and strange. Human. What? Oh my god. Oh my god the second one was like the the buildings and stuff literally it was just I just I was cute friends curious like could I get more of like a storyline? And so in my text I put things like I decided on the color so I wanted to keep with the purple and gold and black. So I kept that but then I also put like dystopian buildings um smoking laboratory people running um dystopia apocalypse sick. What? It's so crazy and it's like you know with this stuff like what I'm always curious about is what visual information is that ai gonna take and translate it into the textual information that I've given it. And I think oh and I also put in the style uh because you can also tell that things like cinematography by videography by um so I put directed by Jonathan Nolan cinematography that I call Cameron, Wild Wild West. Yeah, because it's like because you know the song was actually inspired from like watching Westworld, like I was so obsessed with that show. Oh yes. Good. I think I think I think it was just it was just three seasons or they have more. Okay. Yeah, because there's still twists. I don't know, I don't want to reveal based on what you just said because there's like yeah it's it's all unexpected plot twists and stuff that was just like, oh you're like I thought you were human but you're not. Oh my God, wow. What a question! If I woke up tomorrow and realize that I'm not human. I mean in a way that would make a lot of sense in terms of how I've been feeling like I've been feeling quite alien most of my life. I would say I have a very difficult time connecting with humans sometimes oh my gosh, I didn't know I'm not going to do an experiment and try to like cut open now. Oh my God. Oh Lord have mercy. I don't know. Like they're, my body is like okay, we're doing this right. Uh huh. Do I remember? Well uh no maybe maybe I don't know but oh my god. Yeah, I don't remember what it feels like to be on stage in front of people and engaging with people. It's like yeah it's gonna be super weird. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Uh huh. Yeah. I mean to me it's like I am always going to look at technology as tools that's going to enhance my creative flow. I wanted to make me a better artist in some way. You know like I don't ever want machines to take over my creativity you know? And it's like I try to approach everything in that way. Hence also the ai visual stuff. There's a lot of generative ai visuals that are out there now and it's getting more popularized and it's really important that there is still this human touch two things at least for me this is like I don't know the whole point of doing anything creative for me is like yes, it is self expression but it's also about like connection, you know? And I think humanity and technology lives in like yes, artistic expression. But I don't know, I I feel I find more fulfilled when I can feel that like actually humanness too, you know whatever it is that I'm experiencing. But um but yeah, I mean I'm curious to see like how other people enter for all this ai stuff. I haven't heard of everything. Everything so yeah, thanks for letting me know. I want I want to check out what they've got. No. Oh my gosh, what you've done in that space is so cool. Like the was placed in different parts, and sometimes they would like kind of blend a little bit depending on where I was and that, so that was really cool that you played with, like spatial audio and and the braille looks so cool, and I was like, wow, there's a lot of like little things happening and it's just, yeah, it was so cool. I really, really loved it. Um And I have a so that was ridiculous. Oh no. Um Gosh, like internet so bad. I'm gonna put in the here. Um So if you want to that that will show. Um This is something nothing I haven't. Oh, I literally, so um there is there doing something um I can choose music artwork, album covers, um to submit um 5000 stuff that I want to have up on part of this. Um South by Southwest credo, Greater energy, Greater portal. Um I think, Yeah, actually, it's just a simple web page. There isn't a lot of information. I need to sign up and have a lot of properly. But literally, I'm just looking at the email for the first time now. Um but basically I have until 25 February to create entities. Um um It's demonologist were just lost. Oh, my yeah. Um I've done a little bit, I've only done like a little bit of experimentation and um I've sold some stuff on ticket nom object dot com, which are both Tezo's and then I have one piece of foundation, someone wearable. Um I think I really like the chicken on community because they're like just like art, art, art and just everything, anything, you know, those kind of a spirit, which is really cool. Um It's very community driven. Um I found a foundation to eat, so I haven't played around with like related stuff in general because it's a lot more expensive. Um But something like foundation, like all my fine artist friends keep pushing me towards there because um they really think that it's it's a much better way of representing your work in a place where other similar artists are showcasing work that belongs to this category, like buying art. Um But I havent yeah, I've been told to do like two collections rather than individual pieces on foundation and they tended to do better. Um So yeah, I've just been like finalizing all this content, and then once I have everything together, then I can decide like what little pieces to put where and what not, but I did one of my first music release with On 12 by 12, which is like a music marketplace using polygon, which is also supposed to be like a clean um currency and it's interesting because they don't pay you out in crypto, they pay you an actual like euro or whatever currency it is at least set up. Mhm. So it's super interesting. I don't know it's it's overwhelming and I think it's like the way I see all of this stuff is it's interesting to play with but I see it I see a bigger picture more like beyond N. F. T. S. And fermi energies. The interesting thing is to doing things like that creeping tokens, you know like fans and people who would like by your art and they get access into your metaphors and you know like um doing that kind of activation is interesting and then the concept of Dow's I find really interesting like people being able to build communities and these cooperatives where I don't know um we can build DAO that has certain rules or like you know everyone kind of agrees like what if everybody gave 10% of whatever they earn on chain back into the down like it's distributed to everyone. Um what would that look like? And so these are the kind of conversations that I find interesting. Um And so yeah I don't know with the currencies and stuff that's where I get really overwhelmed and I think it's kind of like I'm just trying to I'm always in research mode like before I commit to anything I'm like I want to know at least a little bit about this marketplace to understand like what is this all about? You know? Um So like something like South by Southwest. I think it makes sense to experiment and um, I need to read about it and find out. Mm hmm. Yeah. It's, I mean I just literally um joined their discord. It's like NMP. Um So I guess I'll read about what all of this means and like how it actually works. Because I don't know if they're in order to do their thing, you have to use a certain currency, You know, all these like there's all these specifics, you know about every marketplace. Like there's polygon and there's a r we've and then there's like, I don't know, there's every time we go out to anybody who's doing anything in this space, I'm like, oh, have you heard about this coin? And it's like, no. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah, I know it does. And I think that it does make a difference if you do something where there's a little bit of promotion of your work, You know? And I mean it does help because even foundation, like they featured my one piece on there. They have like a, like a featured page on the, on the front page and they had like, he's on there for a while, but it still hasn't sold, you know, So it's like, okay, just, you know, learning all of the things behaviors. It's really interesting. But then I had one option on object dot com, which is Tezo's And I sold like a short ai generative piece for 25 2026 tunnels, you know, which is like, I think at the time was 100 \u20AC11 or something like that. So it's interesting just like I'm just, you know, okay, let's try a little here, let's start a little here, try a little bit. Um So I think, you know, with the south by southwest in the opportunities here, they're gonna do some marketing around, it looks like. So I thought, well why not push people towards the metaverse and I need to catch up with new art city actually because I don't know what statuses. A few, like the last one I did Sammy and they were building this way so that people who hold like Tezo's entities could gain access to, you know, you're metaverse and things like that. Um I think they mentioned like open C already works um but I haven't, that's not. Yes. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's right because new york city is end of large. Oh. Mhm. Mhm. Oh my gosh, I need to catch up with with him also, he Oh God, yeah, I gave him access to the members. I don't know if he's had time to have a look. Um I'm going to ping him and try to catch up with him next week. He has two things that he said he would work on one is I have a collaborative track that I did with Pan pot which is coming out at some point I think we want to lose it in March. Um So he's doing videos for that and then he mentioned he'd like to do the three D. Art vehicles himself inside of new york city. So I think yeah it's gonna oh my God I'm gonna have to like I still have to upload all my assets. Like I've been creating these random things on my phone and it's like you know I exported them there even inside of blender as one project class so I could look at everything but I just haven't like figured out how to go where what? But maybe I wonder if it makes sense to just like upload them as individual files or doesn't make more sense to just create like a like a kind of a wider like I don't know like a planet type of thing and then everything and so like it's like a world and then all of the since existence. I don't I don't know. Yeah. I was gonna I was gonna ask you actually like what's your preference when you do these three D. Files because when I do individual one, the thing that always gets me is that I like navigating greedy trying to like if I especially have one object and then I want another object next to it. It's like I'll position it manually and then it'll end up there but then if I move it with the browser is like I think it's like here. But then when I changed the perspective it's actually over here and that's the point. Oh sense of center where is center? Yeah. Million. Yeah. Yes. Oh. Ah Yeah. Mhm. Oh my gosh. Yeah. It's like that was driving me crazy before one because I guess the way I approached the first time I did it was intended for like these floating stages so that it would showcase different artworks specifically for a different artist. And so it was in the end I ended up building the whole world inside of blender and then just export it as one file and then I put the individual videos onto each stage manually. Yeah. Okay. Uh huh. Oh my God. 10 years in the future. I don't know. Um Maybe quantum art but maybe quantum art would happen probably in the next couple years only because C. J. Who I collaborate with and started to do stuff wants an audio and he did some stuff last year and I'm so curious what this sounds like. I haven't like I heard a tiny bit and I'm just like I need to oh oh my gosh so quantum computing um from what the little information that I understand about quantum is that it is super illogical it does not work like computers. Um And I don't know if you've ever seen what a quantum computer looks like. It looks like it's like an installation in itself. Let me just a minute securely. Um It looks like it's so bizarre. It looks like a spaceship or something that's landed from somewhere. And it's definitely yeah it's not it doesn't look anything like normal here that show me what. Mhm. It's crazy. So it is beautiful. It is beautiful and it's bizarre. Like you know Computer scientists, everybody is just trying to figure out no one no one can though because there's no law. It's like computers work. Um Like logically like A. To B. To C. D. E. F. And with quantum they're what we call superposition. So like when you make a move when it comes to like games, the reason why it's hard to beat the quantum computers because it has all of the answers all at the same time. So you can't like you make one move and the computer gives you like every possible answer. But then at the same time it's like um so apparently one of the first things that they they try they teach you to do in the bottoms to create a really simple like pong game. You know the one with like the and um when C. J. Told me about creating a how'd it go? So terrible. Yeah so you know while on one hand it can be anything. Um It's also like this is where it's like a mind folks. It's just like okay. Yes, but then if it doesn't know the rules or it doesn't have logic in the first place. You know like I don't know. Yeah. Where do you even begin with this thing? Right. And then like so the other interesting thing is that I was told quantum doesn't work like computers with like code and stuff like um C. J. Was saying that what actually prepared him better for Quantum was audio engineering rather than peter science because everything in quantum works in waves like way for it's just like I'm like what the hell. I just want to see. I need to I need like it's so abstract right? Like other than this picture of the computer of this quantum machine. I don't know like how do you how do you engage with this thing? You know like is there a screen? Is there a keyboard? Is there like you tell me wait once you get the audio do you draw waveforms and say like coming oh oh what's happening? Oh yeah oh no okay your back and your back and your back. I would like to. Okay. No I know I think I would like to um as much as I love artistic practices and doing music and art, I would like to I think my next stage I would like to figure out ways how all of this can serve some kind of like practicality. Um And there is some there are some conversations that we're having at the moment with like people working with solar energy and like understanding the relationship between sound and solar cells and things like that. Like I don't know it's um I do I just find myself constantly being inspired by science and like yes technology but the science behind the way things were and the experiments that scientists do and because I'm always curious about like the relationship of sound with other materials, I'm always like oh how does sound behave in this context, you know? Um So yeah there is a project that I'm not allowed to talk about but I'm hoping that it like I can contribute to it in some way because I think it could be so meaningful if we can improve um this relationship between the sounds and solar energy in a really meaningful way. Um Just like you know on the topic of like climate change that it's I think it's really hard to not think about this kind of stuff when you're heavily working with like data computing. Yeah and things like that. So naturally I'm talking to like my friends who let me use for the them using um proclamations website thomas who founded it. We have these conversations all the time like how can we scale this in a way that other people can use but we're not just losing you know data and cloud computing and stuff like that in a I don't know these mass quantities that like and then you know you really start looking at everything you're like okay, how much data do we all generate and consume on a daily basis is so crazy. It's what you know and as technology progresses it's just going to get more and more and more and it's like, well it's not invisible. They all belong on these servers and you know like and then impact on the environment and all this stuff. And um it's a lot. So my mind definitely goes out a lot of capitals about all of this stuff. But I'm also trying to like just keep learning and figuring out how can my artistic practice also help like I don't know highlight some of these things in interesting ways or sol maybe some of the issues or like improve some of the things like solar and it sounds can help solar and confused work more. Yeah, that's me. I mean we can have a stab at it right? You know, valid valid point though. You know because the thing is that's the other reality to write is that like there are plenty of other trumps in this world just because trump is no longer around. Doesn't mean that there is a whole species of people on this planet that are you know replicas of that kind of behavior. So yeah, I hear you, I hear you the I have a question for you. So like have you done any um have you had a lot of conversations about douse and you know Web 30. And in this kind of direction that people are going to. Yeah. Mm hmm. I bought it because it reminds me of UK. It's such a british looking. Oh yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. I feel like so many people are having these conversations and it's really interesting to see how each collective of each community approaches styles and the ways they do. And I feel like this album, the way it's I'm experimenting with this is like everyone to collaborate with creating splits and like the videos. So not positive skin, but the one with the green background with the dancer in blue. Um She's one of the dads was thinking when I had my artist presenting it at the B. B. A. Gallery. And so um my intention is to like introduce all of these new concepts and how people get set up. At least like you know what is crypto is N. F. T. And whatever. Um And then create the the setup so that we can do these automated splits and spark contracts. And so it's kind of like I'm treating it like a research but also like let's do this together and like you know try and figure this out. And um you know people like dancers like they were hit so hard from Covid and um I like trying to make whatever it is that I know about technology also helped make it more accessible. We have zero knowledge. And um Yeah like last night I met with one of the dads who love this misleading video and he was like zero knowledge about crypto. He has no idea. And and so we were just talking about like oh do you know what's happening with motion capture data and um and dancers like yourself like what you could do with that and like people, you know, doing stuff like yeah, capturing dance moves and selling dance moves like emotionally like mo cap for you know, other avatars inside of video games are like all this. So yeah, I think um it is, it is nice to try to do the knowledge sharing and if it helps other people to like stay in the game, you know? And um and it doesn't matter like what type of our practice that they do. I think it's like at least that's good to know about these things and then people can decide like what they want to do with it, you know? Thanks. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. And also I feel like on the topic of dowels, like I had this conversation with a friend of mine and he runs this thing called Music in Germany which is like um it's a music techno music tech Germany and it's an association for music tech companies to be part of and they like do events and meetups and stuff so the artists can meet new music tech companies so that you know, inspire artists and artists are their stuff and create like um some usefulness for each other and so we talked about downs and then, you know, it also comes down to okay, but then you've got to get really gradual er about like how much does each person in the community earn based on how much they put into it, What if somebody's not doing anything at all and they're just there and, you know, someone else's anymore, and then it's like, okay, well maybe there's different tiers, maybe you need to set up like an infrastructure so people can commit to a specific number of tasks and that people need more, get a bit more than people would do a bit less, you know? And so it's it's complex and I think that it makes sense that it starts with like a small group of people who already are working together, you know, and they work well together and it's like, okay, I don't know, this is something like, I think once we get through this album and there's the metaverse and you've done some kind of t s and I'll look at like the numbers and everything afterwards. But what would be cool is if like there's a certain amount of funds that come from this and then that could launch, maybe it could be, I don't want to call it a temporary tao, but like some kind of project where it's like, okay, everyone who I've already worked with, we work really well together. Um, there's this money that I have now and let's do something, let's further this. Then that money then feeds back into it. And maybe then it could be like a project towel rather than like, you know, because I think that with the dow's also the, the, the idea that could be a bit daunting is think of it as like this huge connect mint of like the greatest really big community and you have to keep it. And that's also a lot of work, right? Mm hmm. No, no. Let's see. Oh wait, this is the magazine that you mentioned. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh. No, it's Yeah. Yeah. And then some people are like completely against ethereum, Some people are like only Chazelle's, you know, and then some people are like, oh, but there's probably gone now and music really And and then it's like, okay, there's visuals to my work and there's music. So where are the music marketplaces? What does that look like? Where the visual marketplaces, what's that look like? You know? It's just so yeah, it's like the on one hand, the fun part is that there's so many different contexts of like how you can contextualize your stuff, right? You can really break down, you know, your work in such like micro ways and and put it in different places in interesting ways. Um, and then you can make your kind of game fight a little bit if you wanted to, but then also it's like very overwhelming and, and while I have been playing with a few different marketplaces, it's also like, you know, this is also why I'm not so heavily on twitter and instagram, it's like instagram is like one platform that's enough of my time and everybody's like you gotta go on twitter and this is something that I will probably do more of when everything's going live, like officially live and engaging and stuff but but it's fine, it takes so much energy, you know, so yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, totally, I hear you. It is, I'm sorry you, you put out a bit Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I, I mean I totally understand that that feeling, I'm also the same, it's like I started to, you know what did help though when I started treating instagram as full of the portfolio and kind of also if I feel like I need to remind myself where I left off on something, then it will be like what's the last thing that, that's where I'm at? Okay then and then I then I find it kind of helpful but then yeah, I also try my best not like spend too much time on any of these things and I also like just shifting the brain's okay, this is what I'm doing, okay, what am I writing how my contextualizing what's the caption, what's the little and then you do something like shift gears back to work. You know, even this like going from shifting, it's like it takes energy to to like clear your head and and dive back into what you were doing and then not get distracted by what you just did. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love your website by the way. Um Hybrid Art Journal Also, I love the name of it. Um I actually been served a website domain a lot like either last year or the year before. And I just pinned it because I was like, I like this name but I don't know what I'm gonna do with it or when and its hybrid arts collective dot com. But it's um yeah, because that's when I was I just found myself thinking like everything's just gonna become more and more hybrid. And I think like, you know, just keeping that in mind of like what if there was a home somewhere that all of us, hybrid artists can go and you know, just like, but I'll do things like this where I'll get inspired for a name or something and then just buy a domain and then like I have this whole collection of domains where they're like cheap, you know? Um and I like to make like I have another one called whatever art dot L. O L. Like what am I gonna do this? Amazing. I love no, I love that. Yeah, no totally. We should just like create this is the direction we're all going in anyway. We're getting, we're going so meta and you know like I don't know how you feel about. Also like the the other thing that I caught myself feeling really impacted was when it went down. I don't know if you, if you are already on like chain at that time. He's like, yeah, yeah, now. So yeah, yeah, you broke up a little bit. I heard most of it. Um but yeah, I remember that curious. I'm really emotional and it was like yeah this idea that when you do anything on change, as soon as you put anything on change it belongs to the chain. You know? And on one hand you're immortalizing something like it stays with you forever, right? And I guess the way technology looks, yeah, as long as it exists and everyone believing that's going to be around for forever and ever and ever. Um But yeah, it's just a different way of thinking about stuff I guess. You know like the its permanence really, really actually like can you really say something that bold and say this forever? You know? And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, so here's a spin on it. Imagine if somebody told you that sterling pound is no longer gonna be valid from like next month. You know like what what what happened if somebody was just like the euro as a currency is no longer accepted anywhere else. Um, starting from next month. It's just like, it's so bizarre to think of that even being a possible reality, right? But no one predicted Brexit. And so I think that there is a lot of like dot dot dot, what's going to happen next, you know? Um mm hmm. It's so bizarre. It's really, really weird. But you know, I think that um, the way I'm approaching everything is like my behavior as an artist is not gonna change. You know, it's always like, I want to work with people to work with and then it's been something new. Let's like, let's do some research together and like try some stuff out and if there's a fork behind the pool, if we all like succeed from something interesting and innovative together, then that's even cooler and then, you know, but this is why foundation was so anxiety driving for me versus Tezo's because you could just play on Tesla's like monopoly money. Like, you know, it's so much cheaper. It sticks a little funny. I was like, hey, I think \u20AC300 to Memphis one thing and you know, if you're telling me, I got to do a whole collection that's like a couple of months worth of rent. You know, and I don't know if that's gonna sell when it's gonna sound like, you know and all this. So it's um, it's just interesting times. But, But then you have like people doing these mass generative things like the board eight cook stuff and like I don't, I don't get it. I don't get it. Um London? Mm hmm. We just gotta know what, no, we just gotta keep making great art and you know, that's, that's it and just keep the noise noise out, you know? Um So what I will do is I will, I will, I will in the next couple days start uploading these three D assets. Um and then uh yeah, yeah, you know, point that would be really fun. And, and then I will read more about the south by southwest end of teething trying to understand that and um, and figure out like what, what, how, how, what, you know, um Yeah, but how, what, how, what when and maybe it makes, if it makes sense. I just send everyone I'm collaborating with like logging details, if that makes sense. Because I haven't even like seen the thing, I don't know how it works or anything. Um Yeah, I know it's just like, oh, it's gonna be intense for the next couple of months, but it's, it's gonna be off by um Oh, I should also mention like the, so the two main dates worth mentioning is March 15, which is the day that I could perform is also the date that I'm aiming for like the first, I don't know, private metaverse release. Um so that people have told me to kind of like get early access to see it before the festival, before the right new york city festival. Um And then April 15 is when I plan on doing the official public release of the album. So I have a grant application. I need to be applied because I got money given in 2020-3 for the promo pr so I am still going for like a traditional release strategy campaign thing. Um Yeah, because I think the N. F. T. Stuff like I'll just keep exploring it and it's like phase one for anyone who's like really wanting to get involved in that, but I don't want to just like oust everybody or like completely like or ignore the rest of humanity who are not into this either, you know? So um So yeah, at least like, you know, the funding support is there and so I have a pr agency who already agreed to help out with it. So yeah, March, and then april those are the two main baits I have in my head and then I have to make sure this And she stuck herself myself, this is all upon there being by 20 February and today. Oh well. Mhm. Yeah. And then honestly, like I'm so looking forward to um like finalizing everything so that I can so we can also like I don't know, I'd love to learn more about other problems that you're working on and like explore new collaborations and stuff like that. Um And yeah, I'm ready to make new music also, so it's like it's albums like years old now so I'm just like go into the wild release you and get out of my system. Yeah. Oh my God, I can't wait to do all the storytelling also with you know like everything you've created and figure out how to create these little captures and like you know, teases of getting people into the members and stuff. Yeah. No. Okay. No it's oh my God, seriously, like when I first went into new york city and I was like hearing all the different audio, the way it was placed and stuff, it was just like, it's that magical as soon as I was in there, like wow what's going on and it just didn't want to keep like moving around and stuff and like Here what else I'm going to hear, you know, in a different prevalence somewhere. But that was super cool. Such a lovely way of presenting my work. And I've been curious to play with 360 audio and web format but I just um I haven't had like the brain space and you did that so beautifully with like the different visuals also was like wow, I don't even know what's going on but it's cool. Amazing how about we touch base again and like, I don't know, a few days. Um sunday and I don't know what your schedule is like coming up. But I'll also read this whole south by southwest Blockchain thing and and send you information and um my schedule is quite flexible with um I don't know. Yes. Well that works for me also. So what kind shall we say on what was a good time for you? Yeah. Diary and fight. Oh my God. That's so crazy. What the buckets already? 20th February. Oh So that's the 24, let's do 24. Yeah that would be good because it also gave me time to finalize everything and then Um that forces me to God for what the fuck I'm flying on March four like that, that's like next week. My God, okay stopping isn't going to happen until april but oh my God, it's so crazy. You know it's like that feeling where I don't know if you've ever gone skydiving or like when you're on a rollercoaster and like it's going uphill and you're like okay but I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I'm not ready. And it's just like no you ain't got no choice. You're like oh okay um right, so it was so lovely to catch up with you and I'm so happy that you're part of all of this and yeah let's um let's bring the magic out into the world and see what happens next and and yeah good luck with your first issue. It looks really cool and dot dot dot yeah maybe we'll speak to you soon.

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