Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

How to care for your Hybrid Art Journal.


Thank you for being here and for supporting our experimental art project.

This is a journal, but it ain’t like a journal that you’ve journeyed with before. Please allow us a moment of your time to briefly explain how things will hopefully work ‘round these parts. Um, they might not though. Work, that is. But then again sometimes the most beautiful creations begin their life as a ‘oh, fuck... that wasn’t meant to happen!’ (may all of everyone’s fuck ups be of this variety). Okay, with that said... buckle up buttercup... welcome to the orientation.


The journal is a little like a omniscient narrator. You’ll find the Hybrid Art Journal (HAJ for short) in virtual space - New Art City is its virtual home. You might be, at this very moment, holding a *whispers it* physical copy of the journal in your lovely lil hands (is it lush, we don’t know as it doesn’t exist... yet. If it sucks, let us know and we’ll try better next time!). Or you might have landed on our old school traditional website-esq concoction. How ever you have found your way to us, hello and welcome... we hope you enjoy your stay... and we hope you stay around for a lil while.



...isn’t that the best kinda lost?

Okay, so... you’re currently floating in 1 of 3 spaces:




Where do I start?

-There is no set order in which you’re supposed to explore the spaces, there is no beginning, middle, end. No top floor, bottom floor... just spaces with art, ideas and you (yep, you’re waltzing around the place lookin ace... and by that we mean diamond. You’re a diamond, check you out!)


Imma what now?

-Speaking of your fine diamond self, have ya tried jumping in virtual space yet? Whaaat? Okay, time to correct that. Pls head over to the New Art City Festival Grounds and hit that spacebar like there’s no tomorrow ( You can’t jump around in the journal just yet, as we’re enjoying flying EVERYWHERE way to much atm (this may change in the future tho)


We’re no 30 second journal!

-’I’ve been to all the spaces, so I’ve seen the whole journal now, sooo see ya in three months lolz.’ woooah... easy tiger, not so fast! Remember the thing we said about not being like a journal you’ve experienced before? Yeaaah, about that... This journal is alive (and can most probably hear that cheeky chuckle of yours and perhaps can even see your eyes roll :P), it has feelings... it’s also #eclectic-and-it-knows-it as such, articles will pop up, pop down, pop around, trickle in and out of here like it’s no ones business.


Issue One Artists?

So, the trickling in, out and all about will be in part due to the ever evolving nature of the journal (or ‘this beautiful beast’ as some call it), issue one of the Hybrid Art Journal won’t be complete until 30.06.22 when the issue one crew handover to the issue two crew. All issue one artists have keys to the virtual journal - which feeds in to the physical journal by way of AR - and all artists have been invited to ‘water their art’ during their three month stint. The most exciting bit is, no one knows what’s gonna land in the journal... cuz it hasn’t been made yet! We can’t wait to see the journal bloom as the months progress - and we’re excited to see what our artists get up to!!!

(also, side note - all purchases of the physical journal + all donations made via the virtual space will be distributed evenly between the Issue One Artists (nb. some issue one artists have requested their share goes back into the future of the journal... awwwwwww ty xx).


Anythin else?

Well, yeah... ya know... maybe. If this tanks and no one enjoys it or find it useful and we can’t fix it... than, it’s curtains, innit (sad face). But assuming worst case scenario does not happen, as you’ve embraced this creative lil beast for the arty farty weirdo that it is... well, then... you are cordially invited to pop into the Huddles on Sunday. It’s gonna be a huddle that happens on Sunday (we’ve taken the ‘does what it says on the tin’ approach). Wanna lurk at the back and quietly judge? Cool. Wanna be up front and on stage performin’? Extra cool. Wanna be heckling FROW stylee? Hmmm... there might be a middle ground workaround #BRB.


Huddles on Sunday   

‘Round these parts, we like to start the week right.. and so we start the week on Sunday night. Those Monday mornin early birds aint got nothin on us #BOOM. Huddles on Sunday started at the start of the year in the form of a 9 track weekly Spotify playlist called ‘Moody Tunes For Moody Blooms’ ...Huddles on Sundays is the playlists evolution. The open call will pop up on Sunday 27th March 2022 and the first Huddle on Sunday will take place on Sunday 3rd April 2022. Time tbd, layout tbd... everything else tbd (for now). But... there will be POAPs... that has been decided (lolz). There’ll be two different POAPs: Attendee and Performer POAPS... cuz we <3 POAPs.

Almost forgot... if you are here reading/listening to this... congrats you have found the Hybrid Art Journal’s first POAP: click :P: to claim! (there’ll be more POAPs hiding around the journal between now and 30.06.22... happy PAOP hunting!)


Why have to littered the journal with QR codes y’all?

Um, cuz it’s fun. Cuz tbh we’re still semi sorta surprised that QR codes are alive and kicking... we do love a underdog! Also, our QR codes aren’t like your regular QR codes. Our codes are more like seeds. Like, seriously... have you tried to keep paper alive after it’s been severed from its rightful place on a tree? #HARD-AF! We said we’re gonna keep this mo-fo alive and kicking for THREE WHOLE MONTHS... we searched high and low for a way, and we found a way, way up high.

This ain’t no track’n’trace.. so go ahead and pull your cam out... you might just be pleasantly surprised... and if ya aint... well, as you’ve mentioned above, we’ve littered the thing with our artful codes... so, um... try another one innit? Better luck next time and all that :P


Jokes aside...

Thank you for being here, for indulging us and this. Hopefully, at the very least, we’ve managed to entertain you for a couple of mins... but here’s hoping the Hybrid Art Journal has managed to achieve so much more than just that. The journal is a work in progress and we want you to be a part of the journal and help us shape this ‘lil beautiful beast’ (it just sounds nice to say out loud!). There are many ways to take part + touch base with us, so please do holla. In the meantime... stay curious, stay moody, stay arty.


Sonia Levesque & Howard AI


(Ps... if there’s any typos above, let’s agree to blame Howard AI - thx! Sx)


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