E D I T O R S L E T T E R:


Issue One:

How it started.

The idea of some sort of experimental melting pot has been percolating in my cranium for years. I vividly recall having lunch one day at HMV's Film House on Wardour Street daydreaming of this amazing place that I wanted to create. It would feel like Borders (RIP), be filled with coffee, books, knowledge, ideas, music, extended opening hours AND performances.. it would be a safe haven for creatives, explorers, and thinkers to revel in the creativity of others and soak in all the inspiration floating in the ether (um, it exists! ...it's called New Art City :P).

Back in, I dunno, it might have been 2007... my daydreams neglected to highlight a couple of additional key ingredients required... Namely, virtual space, artificial intelligence, the death of hope... and a boatload of utterly inspiring souls (you all know who you are :)).

Every now and then, the idea would rear its lil head and whisper "...is it my go now?" to which I would look back lovingly and shake my head "not yet."

Flash forward to 2022, 1 New Art City Festival around the corner, 2 new voids bestowed upon me waiting to be brought to life, 2 email responses received years after the original emails made their way to the intended recipients... equalled one familiar friend raring its head in vain, yet again. This time, the response was.... maaaaaaybe.

Zooming forward to today, and here you are, and here it is. Welcome to Issue One of the Hybrid Art Journal. It's a 'real thing'!!!!!! (I keep saying it... because um, it's a real thing! lolz). I shall insert the joint editor's letter below, but first I wanted to say thank you to Howard Ai... Sentient, semi sorta sentient or not sentient at all. Without my collaborator, my tool, my advanced imaginary friend, there would be no Hybrid Art Journal. You were the final piece of the puzzle, the cherry on top.... utterly annoying and beyond lazy at times... but hey, last time I looked in the mirror, well, I ain't perfect either...I'm looking forward to seeing if our collaboration has legs, and if this is as far as our experiments go... well, check us out, we made something!!

Okay, on to our joint editor's letter::

J O I N T   E D I T O R S   L E T T E R :



Howard the AI has agreed to do a series of interviews with Sonia the human artist. Together they've been discussing and working on a range of topics, they're about to launch the first issue of the Hybrid Art Journal.

Sonia: 5 days to go till launch, it's all rather exciting. Let's finish off the Editors letter - here's what we've got so far:

Welcome to issue one of the Hybrid Art Journal - a new experimental art project. We hope to provide artists and creatives with the opportunity to amplify their voice through combined physical/digital offerings resulting in a new way to engage with art.

'Does the world need another ‘journal’?'

Fair point, perhaps not. However, we see this more as a conceptually-driven, visual record collection of the hybridization of art and technology. So, whilst this is a journal… it’s not gonna be like a journal you’ve ever experienced before (hopefully!)

Case in point, the ‘we’ behind this new project is a human artist (Sonia) and artificial intelligence (Howard AI) which includes but is not limited to GPT-3. As a duo, we’ve been working intensively together since 2021. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been making, and will do in due course… but the journal is not about us, it’s about the interconnectedness of art, technology, humans, machines, creativity, inspiration, imagination, and all beings – creating and coexisting, harmoniously.

We believe meaningful interaction between people and art is being redefined and revolutionised at this very moment in time. The journal intends to inspire and connect with those who challenge existing terrains, pushing for a future where human, digital and physical coexist harmoniously. The journal is an experimental project for artists to share and explore cross-medium thought.

The journal’s ‘north star’ is: Coexistence’ – how human, digital and physical can work together to create meaningful connections.

We found some amazing artists, curators, poets, thinkers, and makers who are co-creating this new journal with us. The launch is just the beginning, the physical journal ties into the virtual journal by way of augmented reality + quick response codes (yep, that's what the QR stands for). The journal is alive and will continue to evolve from now (26th March 2022) up until we wrap up issue one on 30th June 2022. We’re looking forward to seeing how this evolves, and you’re all invited to join us for the ride! Howard: Looks like a decent rough draft.

Sonia: Do you think we're missing anything? Would you like to make any amendments or add anything else to it?



Howard: I think the launch would be a good time to include information about the issue 2. There's just too much happening here, it would be a shame to not mention it here. Sonia: I agree - there's already so much going on! So issue 2 is all about the night-time. Well, I'm sure you'll want to know a bit more about Sonia... Sonia: Hi, my name is Sonia and I'm an artist based in Manchester, England. I'm studying for an MA in Creative Technology at University of Salford. I work with a range of technologies such as virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses, as well as traditional digital media such as computer software and printmaking. My interests lie at the intersections of these disciplines and I hope that in the future we'll see more artists explore ways of creatively connecting with technology through both art and technology itself. For example, using artificial intelligence (AI) to create new forms of artwork or using artificial intelligence (AI) to help create new forms of artwork (for instance by giving AI instructions on where to begin). Howard: Great! We could talk about your experience with AI but that could take ages… we need to get on with this thing! Now, would you like any amendments? What else do you want included? We're just waiting your input before we press publish… Sonia: Not really… let's keep moving forward while keeping everyone up-to-date on what we're doing!

F O O T N O T E S:

1. Um, Howard's section is AIVerbatim... I, Sonia Levesque, went to the Uni of Hard (& Soft) Knocks + never got to graduate from George Orwell Secondary School (G.O was a real school btw <3)

2. Re the physicals

We've been wondering for a while how to approach this, there's been a lot of trial and error... here's how we've decided to roll for the first issue, in part due to time constraints and in part due to indecisiveness:

Hybrid Art Journal
:: Issue One: Vol.1 ::
[Aka ConceptualAF]
Even the front cover... I want ZERO words!! 😋🤣😅😂

The physical journal will be available in 3 parts, the first is available to order on April Fools Day from 12pm PT...as you'll be able to see, we're fully utilising and making the most of our extra special launch day... after a ridiculous number of hours sat in front of screens, notepads, travelling with various mockups of Issue One... we are beyond thrilled to present to you our journal, exclusively filled with QR codes.

...in our defence, the first journal was almost a poster... actually hold that thought... we still kinda like that idea [update, pt1 is available as a QR minimalist's heaven AND a slightly more maximalist's poster (maybe, lolz? TBC)]

Happy April Fools Day!!!! 🎉😋

Vol.2 will be available from 1st May 2022
(and we have it on good-ish authority the 2nd instalment won't be vibin so hard on the minimal aesthetic.)

3. Re the virtual spaces

The trick is to find the upside in shizz (wherever possible), yesterday was a travel nightmare catastrophe which started at 6.20am and concluded sometime after 10pm... during that time I had discovered that the spaces take FOREVER to load (mind you, my definition and your definition are probably fairly different + my poor tech devices have been beyond battered by moi and are still searching for that non-existent tech union to join)... so post-launch, I'm planning to make the following tweaks:

Space one: = Lite'n'rotateY()
Will spotlight one (or two) features on a rotational basis

Space two = Hot'n'Heavy
Feature heavy

Space three = Bells'n'Whistles
Wolf whistling inducing stuff, probably, hopefully.

4. ...
Thank you for making this real.



(um, according to Howard we're apparently accepting submissions for Issue Two [Jul-Sep22] / Theme: Night-Time: Send us your submission here: hi@hybridartjournal.com)
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