19 souls gathered together to create Pages of the Soul.



An empty soul is like an empty canvas;

Give it some color, it will come back to life.

Pencils and paintbrushes are the tools we use

to make our hearts beat and our lungs breathe.



Each new page presents a fresh intake 

awaiting the exhalation of creation. 

An opportunity that is limitless and unbound.

From a place upon high and ever so lofty, 

far beyond our clouds of self doubt.



Memories and nightmares bleeding words of pain,

trapped on a surface, never to return again.

Broken pieces leaving the soul empty inside.

Born is a new canvas, detoxified.



The white stretch endlessly whispers to me

Urging for thought and feeling to take shape

Until I answer the painful need to create

Nothing but hand and heart will set me free



And though my pain be as wide as sea,

I know my pen will glide till I see.

What I write will clear my heart of all the hurt,

When in sight, cheer my art for joy to beget.



And yet, and yet… the page waits for me

As words embryonic form and carouse

In my mind, into shapes behind soft silhouettes

That arouse and confuse and self-introspect

Into monsters bemused by their strange pedigree.



The canvas is bleeding now, taking me into another dimension. 

Leaving behind the flesh experience. Entering the vast void. 

Just a page. Cataclysmic force. 

Yet soft to touch. Lusting for the unknown. 



Here is the engine of creation where Deep calls to Deep. 

Here I can face the shadow within samsaric seas. 

Here I can wrestle with all I have been. 

As all is poured forth, so all is poured in.



It is like going back home.

Touching the altar of the sacred pyre.

I burn and run and freeze and flow.

It is like the match that sparks my numb core.

Secretly desiring the rhythmic to and fro.

I crash and cry and scream and hush.



when weather forms steps

heat trembles cold sweats

o'er marble through stone

long halls echo home




That cave is not against the wind,

but against the spectre of forgotten time.

One is given to brilliance and sin,

And the water makes it all grime.

For the time that is left, let the light dry it whole,

And for those bereft, may it cleanliness sow. 



Let the light dry it whole and bust the cave open

Let it purify ribcage and mend what is broken

Let it spill from the source that is nearly forgotten

Let it purge us of the cycle of fear we’ve been caught in

Let it triumph in joy, explode into thunder

Let it break apathy’s spell and fill us with wonder

Dead sunsets come alive
in the world of our words.
To live in the hidden soul
where art comes and finds
all the wounded and worn out
all the lost and lonely,
into the light


Ebb and flow,

flow and ebb--

are they two words

or do they hatch each other, 

like a shell plots its egg? 



It begs the question, 

an ink drip conception 

Reflecting an inceptive creation 

A mind screams in the thread of the pages, 

sages inflamed by the scars that remain 

This pain; it has purpose



With a stroke and a swipe,

I resolve my ancient gripe,

I create a whole new vision,

Spit that pride and derision.



Freedom has never been closer 

our tool is to transmute hurt into love

arduous will be the learning, but the path is wise

and has given us the key to our own destiny



With glee and in cold sweats we gasp,

Cool air floods our lungs,

Thunderous strikes restart our hearts,

We exhale this art for you, for us.









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Initial prompt: The piece would be about how art is what makes us all feel whole, how artists use art and creativity as therapy, whether it be to help with depression, anxiety, a break-up, and whatever else, art is what gives us joy, art is what fills our souls


Title Suggestions:

Revived // Burning Soul // Always Empty, Always Full // In Spirit // Rhythmic Breath // Whole Tones // Unified Consciousness // A Creators Path // A Creators Deliberation // Pages of the Soul // The Canvas and the Page // Pages Within // Art At The End Of The Tunnel :P: // Words of my heart 


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Everyone donated 100% to the selected charity, National Alliance on Mental Illness (


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