19 souls gathered together to create Pages of the Soul. https://newart.city/show/journal     An empty soul is like an empty canvas; Give it some color, it will come back to life. Pencils and paintbrushes are the tools we use to make our hearts beat and our lungs breathe.     Each new page presents a fresh intake  awaiting the exhalation of creation.  An opportunity that is limitless and unbound. From a place upon high and ever so lofty,  far beyond our clouds of self doubt.     Memories and nightmares bleeding words of pain, trapped on a surface, never to return again. Broken pieces leaving the soul empty inside. Born is a new canvas, detoxified.     The white stretch...

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How To Respond When Things Fall Apart

by Sheryl Garratt   These are tough times. It might feel wrong to be making your creative work. But it matters that you do.  https://newart.city/show/journal     In the past few weeks, many of us have ground to a halt. It’s hard to keep making stuff when things fall apart. My clients have told me that they’re just not in the mood, that it feels wrong to be working on an album, a sit-com, a novel, a new product when there’s so much pain in the world. In my writer’s group, people have talked about being glued to the rolling news channels, unable to concentrate on anything else as the tragic situation in Ukraine unfolds.  In my business networks, people say...

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Nancy Anne: My Theory Of Pink

H Y B R 1 D   A R T   J O U R N A L ................... POETRY + PROSE The Theory of Pink Nancy Anne :P: My theory of pink The colour flashed in front of my eyes, bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the lights and the birds and the fish in the world together – a shocking colour, pure and undiluted. Elsa Schiaparelli     I have loved pink from my earliest memory. I’m not sure exactly what it is about this shade – I’m told it’s just pale red at the end of the day – but it speaks to me in a way that red and orange simply do not.   The fact that...

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