Monica Ma (designer, fashion stylist and a founder of Sparkpick) is on a mission to prevent fashion waste while empowering self-expression and inclusion. Spark + Rebel has been created to combat the issues of high consumption, fast fashion in an industry that’s in no rush to curb its contribution towards modern slavery and pollution. 


As one of Hybrid Art Journal's Issue One Artists, Spark + Rebel will be releasing garments from its first capsule collection over the course of the quarterly.



The Sparked Jacket is a thoughtful union of ethnic embroidery and officer chic. Celebrate sustainable fashion with these Eco-friendly digital sequins and shiny beads. 

Colour: purple, lilac & gold
Material: digital velvet & embroidery






This cropped admiral jacket with the golden embroidery is a perfect fit for those who love to Spark and Rebel.

Colour: brown, black & gold

Material: digital velvet & embroidery




:: Spring/Summer 2022 Capsule Collection Schedule  ::


April 2022 :: 2 Garments

May 2022 :: 2 Garments

June 2022 :: 4 Garments


...also, a little birdy told the Hybrid Art Journal that garments from the Spark + Rebel collections will be available for purchase in the physical form from June 2022.

. . .

Hybrid Art Journal - Issue One Artist - Spring 2022 (26.03.22 - 30.06.22)

HYBR1D Solo Installation: Week Commencing 13.06.22 (coming soon)