Hidden Identities

Hidden Identities

Words & Photography: Evelyn Havinga




The underlying narrative around the photo series is the visual quest of finding one’s identity, whether it be the photographer finding her own through the subjects she photographs and using it as a self-reflective tool, or the counter-argument that the subject matter themselves want to be projected in a creative way, to express a certain inner feeling in themselves.



This evokes questions from the viewers of Who? What? Why? This alone is what makes these photographs such powerful and influential images remaining in one’s mind, compared to a photo that may give you all the answers.



The idea of taking away any remnants of that one particular person, whether it be their personality or any unique features, you are leaving it entirely up to the viewer to make their own assumptions.



Artist Statement:

I am a contemporary fashion and portrait photographer. The photographs that I produce are very figurative and personal to me. I have always been interested in breaking down an image to explain the reason or design of expression. My aim is to create engaging photographic narratives with each project. I believe visual language is all about individual photographs telling a story within themselves, with the aim that the audience is able to understand the story in their own way, without the necessary use of accompanying text describing the image.



Hybrid Art Journal - Issue One Artist - Spring 2022 (26.03.22 - 30.06.22)

:P: HYBR1D Solo Installation: Week Commencing 23.05.22


:: P H O T O G R A P H Y   C R E D I T S ::


Art Direction/ Photography:

Evelyn Havinga



Evelyn Havinga



Beth Townsend

Mia Ashcroft

Phoebe Benjamin

Katie Lafford-Taylor


Photographic Assistants: 

Milly Muxworthy

Jonny Nolan

Sophie Stagg



Hardwick Gallery



L I N K S:

Evelyn Havinga

Dutch Photographer - Filmmaker
📍Stroud, Gloucestershire. // London.
For inquiries email: evelynhavinga@gmail.com




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