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https://newart.city/show/art   Monica Ma (designer, fashion stylist and a founder of Sparkpick) is on a mission to prevent fashion waste while empowering self-expression and inclusion. Spark + Rebel has been created to combat the issues of high consumption, fast fashion in an industry that’s in no rush to curb its contribution towards modern slavery and pollution.    As one of Hybrid Art Journal's Issue One Artists, Spark + Rebel will be releasing garments from its first capsule collection over the course of the quarterly.   THE SPARKED JACKET The Sparked Jacket is a thoughtful union of ethnic embroidery and officer chic. Celebrate sustainable fashion with these Eco-friendly digital sequins and shiny beads.  Colour: purple, lilac & goldMaterial: digital velvet & embroidery       GOLD REBEL JACKET   This cropped...

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Hidden Identities

Words & Photography: Evelyn Havinga       The underlying narrative around the photo series is the visual quest of finding one’s identity, whether it be the photographer finding her own through the subjects she photographs and using it as a self-reflective tool, or the counter-argument that the subject matter themselves want to be projected in a creative way, to express a certain inner feeling in themselves.     This evokes questions from the viewers of Who? What? Why? This alone is what makes these photographs such powerful and influential images remaining in one’s mind, compared to a photo that may give you all the answers.     The idea of taking away any remnants of that one particular person,...

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Photo Series: Tough Women in Sport and Adventure

  Photographer Nyla Sammons created a portrait series of ten Tough Women in Sport and Adventure, telling the stories of strong women who have gone beyond the ordinary to push boundaries and break world records. She was motivated to begin the portrait series after photographing Kiko Matthews, who in 2018 broke the world record for being the fastest woman to row the Atlantic solo. Inspired by Kiko’s achievements, Nyla wanted to celebrate Kiko’s success and determination, along with nine other incredible women like her and this was the birth of Tough Women in Sport and Adventure. Nyla also wanted to inspire a new wave of adventures and those that wanted to achieve their goals and dreams. Two photos were taken...

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