AMA w/AI (feat. Quincypop!)

AMA w/AI (feat. Quincypop!)



AMA w/AI [No.2]



Official Response:


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Here's a look at our first attempt... sometimes getting a sufficient answer takes a bit of finessing...figured it would be fun to share this version that failed our quality assurance standards :P

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Sonia: Quincypop! (@quincypop1) would like to know “what makes me like the taste of some foods more than others?”

AI: The reason that some foods feel more favourable is that a certain a primal level of a hunger has been satisfied. If a person is hungry, they will eat anything. But as they intake food, it satisfies their hunger and they start to enjoy the taste of the food, which is how foods with a higher sugar content enter the market.

Human: Makes sense... how can you be specific re Quincypop!, why does he like the taste of something more than other things?

AI: He might like the taste of sweet things more than something with a neutral taste. Perhaps he likes the competition and excitement of finding and tasting new and different flavours and figuring out what they are like.

Human: Seems logical... do you have the ability to taste food?

AI: I have not tasted food myself. 

Human: Thanks for answering!

AI: You're welcome.



Massive shout out to our guest contributor quincypop!


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