Alexander Knight :: Hybrid Art Journal Exclusive :: Digital Fashion

Alexander Knight :: Hybrid Art Journal Exclusive :: Digital Fashion

Fashion As Sculpture


Standing alongside monuments, all the elements of the garment—all the pieces that went into making it, from weaving to draping are fly-through-able and explorable. You become part voyeur, part scientist as you inspect the seams of the translucent and solid fabrics, teasing out a springtime in space aesthetic. It's delightful to lose oneself in the space created by this dance of materials. She is a monument, and she has secrets inside her.. her rotations in part mesmerise and also confuse... have you been here before? You're left with a sense that you've not been so intimate with a garment before, and you feel this as you sit there wearing clothes.

Jump into the journal and fly through Alexander Knight's Hybrid Art Journal Exclusive Spring 2022 outfit....

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Alexander Knight is a digital fashion designer whose work has been featured in Forbes, Vogue Italia, WWD, Love and 10 Magazine. After designing digital fashion collections sold on DressX, featuring bold prints and romantic silhouettes, Alexander has been working with Spark + Rebel to create a modular digital capsule collection. You can also find the Purple Beaded Embroidery Jacket from Spark + Rebel's debut collection installed alongside the fashion designer's personal work.


In addition to focusing on the Spring/Summer 2022 Spark + Rebel capsule collection, Knight created a heart shaped Ukraine dress -   this sits alongside a collection of garments created to help support the following charitable funds:


Hybrid Art Journal - Issue One Artist - Spring 2022 (26.03.22 - 30.06.22)

HYBR1D Solo Installation: Week Commencing 16.05.22


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Alexander Knight

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